Ways to Improve Self-Confidence and to Make you a Better Person

ways to improve self confidence

Many of us have bad habits or weaknesses we are aware of. We also know that by changing a few of our habits, we can change over a new leaf and give a new dimension our lives. If you want some self-improvement tips to be a better person, it is better to start with the most basic ones. These basic problems are found in most of us in today’s generation. Once you change these habits, you can change your life.

Reduce Alcohol and Smoking

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How the body handles alcohol changes with age. Even if you have the same drinking habits, your body has changed. Your liver, kidneys, stomach, bones and brain are all ageing and have difficulty in digesting too much alcohol. Alcohol gives you momentary happiness, after which,  you get a restless sleep and wake up feeling sick the entire next day. Once your reduce alcohol, you can concentrate better and be more productive. This will be  your first step to change your life. According to a recent study, smoking is harmful at any age, but if you manage to quit smoking before 30 or 35 maximum, you can live longer and have a better life quality in your middle age. If you quit by 35, you still have time to regain health before 50, after which, it can lead to serious consequences. 

Go for a walk

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Even if you go to the gym regularly or engage yourselves in some other form of exercise, it is important to go for a walk in the early mornings or late evenings. This not only benefits your legs and joints but also acts as a mood-booster. The fresh air helps you elevate your mood and you will feel much better after a walk

Take breaks between work

It is very important to take breaks between work especially, if you are 30 and in a regular desk job which requires you to sit for long hours. These breaks are also very important if you work on the laptop or computer for long. You need to practice the 20-20-20 rule in which every 20 minutes, you blink your eyes 20 times and stare at a distance of 20 feet away from your desk. This exercise prevents your eyesight from deteriorating further. After 30, your eyesight tends to get weaker and this exercise can postpone or prevent you from wearing spectacles. 

Twice a week, take out time from your schedule and go out with friends

Do not let life take such a toll on you that you forget to catch up with your friends. According to a survey, most people lose touch with their best friends after the age of 35. Their priorities do change and so do their schedules and they often get busy with their lives so much that they forget to keep in touch with their friends. After 30, depression is quite common and only if you let yourself lose for some time in a week or spend some healthy and happy moments with friends, will you be able to dispel the possibility of such diseases. 

Build mental energy by playing mind games

Games like Sudoku or crossword puzzles not only help you build your vocabulary but also helps you build your mental energy. These mind games are best played with family and friends so that you not only bond well and have some entertainment but also learn something new. 

Engage in productive lifestyle to change your life

You can take up a hobby like painting, pottery or dance to feel like you are doing something productive in life apart from working. Often, women feel that they have spent all their lives just working in their offices and have not lived life well. A productive lifestyle right from the start helps you feel satiated and can change your life for the better.

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