Good Speaking Skills

Tips For Good Speaking Skills

Good speaking skills are necessary for personal and professional growth. It can enhance your confidence and lower the stress in case you need to speak in public on any occasion. People with a social anxiety disorder (SAD) are able to overcome this shortcoming and develop the skill for confident speakers by cognitive behavioral therapy. Following are some skills for good public speaking:

1. Stage Presence – Good Speaking Skills

Good public speaking skills need energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and friendliness. The topic should be well research and of your liking to get confidence. Smiling at audience showcase friendliness, Energy and enthusiasm pour in when you enjoy speaking about the topic. Follow the clips of some good speakers and try to follow their style. This will boost confidence.

2. Voice Control For Good Speaking Skills

For good speaking skills, the quality of voice and deep diaphragmatic breathing is necessary to become a public speaker. This also helps in reducing breathlessness due to stress or anxiety. A breathing technique will help in toning, the variation of pitch, quality, and volume of voice. 

Tips For Good Speaking Skills
Tips For Good Speaking Skills

3. Body Language 

Your body language conveys a lot of messages while public speaking therefore, you must stand upright and place your hands on the sides or you can clasp them. Use your hands to make a gesture while you stress upon your points. Include facial expressions to deliver the message, when you give any speech and try to relax and look cheerful.

4. Delivery

Delivery skills are also necessary for public speaking which includes speaking slowly with giving pauses in between. Pronouncing words carefully and in an articulate manner Do not use the filler sounds like – um, ah, etc. The pitch and volume must appear interesting to the audience when you speak

Tips For Good Speaking Skills
Tips For Good Speaking Skills

5. Audience Relations

Maintain relationships with your audience by acknowledging the audience as soon as you start talking. In between your dialogues, make a point to converse with your audience while making eye contact when you communicate. Do not appear bore, sleepy, sad or confused. However, smile and nod to stress on points.

6. Inoculation Messages

Inoculation message means something that helps you stay calm before starting public speaking and after completing it. It involves doing something to overcome fear, that can be done by the following:

  • Instead of thinking that public speaking is an anxious task, consider that it is very normal to be anxious.
  • Do not think that the audience will feel bore. Rather think that they will enjoy
  • Do not worry if the audience will laugh or feel bad. Think that the audience will sympathize.

A Word From Verywell

For good speaking skills, it is generally very normal to feel fear before public speaking or while speaking in front of the audience. In any case, if it appears to you that the anxiety is too much then you may suffer from any social anxiety disorder or similar disorders. In such situations, it is better to consult a doctor or any trained medical professional who specializes in mental health. 

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