What Does Confidence Mean

what does confident mean

Many psychologists define confidence as the absence of uncertainty. This definition clearly implies that one who has confidence is not bothered about being right or wrong. They are not concerned about the potential outcome. Having confidence in oneself therefore means that one is able to rely on their own ability to bring about the desired results or desired result. Therefore, confidence is an attitude of confidence that can be developed by anyone regardless of the level of their intellectual ability.

To sum up, what does confidence mean in this context? To put it in simple terms, confidence is a state of being fully convinced that an alternative course of action is more beneficial than doing nothing at all. In other words, to be a confident confidant means to be in touch with the potential of your ability to do something and the strength of your belief in that ability. In fact, being a “confident” or “friendly” confidant can be compared to being an optimist.

An Overview


Why is confidence important in personal and professional life? Well, some researchers have noted that the ability to form estimates and depend upon information is more important in the workplace and in academic and clinical settings than it is elsewhere. That is, the capacity to be an effective problem solver is critical. When confidence is present, the person is more able to understand the problem and come up with a proper solution. When the person is not confident, they become passive, which makes it easier for problems to persist.

The person with high levels of confidence is also more able to take advantage of opportunities. When opportunities are present, people with high confidence can act before others and hence excel. They are not inhibited by the “awkward silence” which some people sometimes feel when in a situation where their only viable solution is to hesitate. They are also able to seize opportunities and make the most of them. Confidence also helps the person to persist through tough times, since they do not see reasons why things cannot be done.

The Meaning of Confidence


What does “being confident” mean in terms of appearance and performance? Most people believe that the person who looks confident is confident too! This is not the case. If a person has high confidence but does not have good appearance, then this is more of a personal issue than a performance issue.

The person with high levels of confidence can also be found to be more assertive. Being confident does not mean that you will brag or boast. It also means that you do not need to overly rely on others too much. A confident person knows that self-reliance is a key role in success and that people who do so are usually happier and healthier.

Some people believe that if you are not overly self assured that you cannot attract others to you. However, when you are confident it can actually be an asset in attracting others. People who have high confidence often know how to focus their attention and make the connection with other people. They also have an ability to take risks and stand out from the crowd. These are attributes that many employers look for in potential employees.

Bottom Line

To become a confident person you must also develop personal and career goals. The key is to identify what you want out of life. Then, start working on your plan to achieve those goals. Every small step that you take will contribute to your success.

A confident person knows that self-confidence can’t be forced. It is something that just comes over the course of time. It is something that can’t be bought or controlled. As a result, once you become a confident person it is easy to attract others to yourself. With confidence you can be an inspiration to those around you.

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