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the mentors movie

The Mentors Movie is directed by Adam Shanken and promises to be one of the most powerful motivational movies ever made. The movie follows the life of Lebron James, one of the world’s most celebrated athletes, as he is trying to find meaning in his life after retirement. The movie also follows Lebron’s relationship with three other men that would become his closest friends. This movie promises a great deal of insight into the lives of successful people, including sports professionals.

An Overview

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While the movie is very entertaining, it does have some real value in its attempt to provide a sort of education about the inner workings of successful people. In particular, the training videos that are included to make the movie very interesting and help to give insights not seen in other movies. These training videos would not have been as successful if they had been shown just generally. The fact that this movie is packed full of success stories makes it a very exciting movie.

One of the strengths of the film is the way it follows Lebron through the trials and tribulations that he goes through in his career. The film provides an unforgettable experience to the casual viewer. The film shows what it’s like to work hard at one’s career, how to rise to the occasion and how to persevere. It’s a film that anyone can relate to and one that can provide a sense of inspiration for those who are struggling in their own careers.

Mentors Video Facts


However, the film may also cause people to question just what mentoring actually is and how it can help someone. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, mentoring is the practice of supporting a person to move forward. With such a short introduction to the concept, one may feel as though the film is not too clear on the matter. Fortunately, the training videos included in the film make it very clear what mentoring is all about.

The film shows how the right mentor can be instrumental in a person’s success and how those who do not possess such a mentor can sometimes fail to reach their full potential. It is through the videos that the viewer is introduced to the concept of mentors and how they can provide support. Although most of the video focuses on Lebron, it does touch on other players in the NBA including Steve Francis and Amin Elhassan. Through the different videos, one is made aware of the value of having a mentor. There are certain qualities that a good mentor possesses and the mentors in the Mentors Movie share those characteristics.

The first trait we see in the video is supported. Each of the mentors has a different method of providing support. They provide that support through their actions. For instance, one mentor will record a video message that acts as a support mechanism for the aspiring basketball star. The message makes it clear to the individual that he or she is not alone in this endeavor. The video reassures the individual that he or she will be able to achieve the goals that he or she set out to accomplish.

Bottom Line

Another trait is confidence. You can tell from the video that the individual has a certain level of confidence. This shows that the individual believes in himself or herself. When an individual has that kind of confidence in him or herself, then they are more likely to persevere and strive towards his or her goals.

The Mentors Video provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the many ways in which one can support themselves. The video even provides a way to connect with someone who may be a mentor. Having mentors can benefit you in many ways. Therefore, the Mentors Video is certainly worth the time spent.

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