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A few days ago I was asked by a Twitter follower what was the meaning of Ted Talk. She was a teacher and she was looking for something she could discuss with her students. The question put a grin on my face and I started to explain to her that the Ted Talk means Ted talk, because it is just an opinion, as I have often shared in my numerous blog talks on this topic.

What is Ted Talk

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I went on to explain that the Ted Talk is an educational series of articles, books, speeches, and videos about the life of Ronald Reagan, and his accomplishments. I explained that it was also not an attempt at a Ronald Reagan quiz. Further, I explained that the entire purpose of the Ted Talk is to encourage people to read more, learn more, think more, and be more. So, I did go on to give examples of some of my favorite quotes from the series, and then I explained that there are other things too, which I would like people to think more about. I would love to see a list of all my articles on the subject of political rhetoric.

Then I started explaining that the entire point of the series was to thank the listeners for coming to my Ted Talk. I went on to say that I was very touched when someone sent me an email with the subject headline “Thank You for Coming to My Ted Talk.” I then explained that the entire point of the series was to thank the audience for their patience, for standing up for Ronald Reagan, and for loving the United States. After I did that, I received an email back from a woman who said, “I hope you are not taking this literally!” I was a bit taken aback by this because I had never been accused of being politically correct!

I went on to explain that I don’t personally take offense at all and that I appreciate people’s patience and freedom to express themselves in whichever way they choose. I then explained that it is good that we have free speech and that I appreciate the fact that people feel free to use politically incorrect forms of communication. And then I explained that it is also good that we have these things called Twitter and 4chan because if these things existed years ago no one would have had any idea what they were called. So thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Now, the entire point of my getting irritated at this is that you have to wonder why anyone would read anything that I wrote if they were offended by my writing?

Indeed, I guess I can agree that there is nothing offensive or politically incorrect in what I wrote. I even agree that some people have a hard time reading between the lines when someone says something is offensive. This is why I often recommend to my Twitter and Facebook friends that they read my article out loud to themselves to make sure they are not offended. So, I apologize for using bad grammar and repeating myself too much. That was the only part that I was wrong, and I regret it because I am sure that people who appreciate the freedom of speech that we all have appreciated appreciate your willingness to speak your mind without reserve. Please consider all this.

Now then, I also want to thank you for reading my article and for reading the Ted Talk Memos that I included. I hope you found them to be interesting. You can see why I am so upset with people who trash the Ted Talk. People should never speak ill of anyone in the name of “free speech” or in the name of “free thought” when they disagree with other people’s BS. It is disgusting and pathetic, but unfortunately what we see sometimes on the internet is a result of “lipstick on the wall” as some call it.


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Anyway, I sincerely hope that you will try to use this information wisely in your conversations and politics. Thank you for reading.

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